We assist you
to lose your weight effectively

We provide great tips to a professional coaching service, expertly guiding you to your health and fitness goals. Where other programs fall short, we excel! Work smart, then hard.

Weight loss benefits

Train your body to burn more fat

Instead of just lowering your calories and exercising excessively, we show you how to take advantage of your body's own metabolism. Train your body to burn fat throughout the day, before even taking one step in the gym!

Weight loss benefits

Track Your Progress
To Build A Better You

Log your weight and body fat with our precision body fat scale. Log your food and drinks throughout the day. We collect and display your data in such a way that shows how your body responds to your food intake.

Weight loss benefits

Online Coaching

Specialists provide training with mobile application designed to coach, monitor, and track a person’s nutrition, activity, and body composition.

In-studio Testing

Customized and professional approach utilizing a metabolic analyzer that measures your metabolism and tells us how well your body burns fat.

Healthy Products

Exclusive products that helps you to to support healthy fat metabolism and energy while caring for your body’s overall health and condition.

How it works

Add weight and food entries throughout the day staying within defined goal ranges.

Add entries

Add weight and food entries throughout the day staying within defined goal ranges.

Track progress

Check daily progress and body composition changes in history section to view progress.

Adjust intakes

Work with our coaches to expertly make adjustments to your food intakes for optimal results.

Achieve your dream

Let us guide and assist you to stay the course to achieve your fitness goals!


We test metabolic rates to develop an individualized plan based on your goals. We assess your body’s ability to stimulate fat burning where your body uses fat for fuel instead of carbs.


Services include an intuitive interactive website application, integration with breakthrough technological devices, personalized coaching, nutritional consulting, and a new generation of powerful nutritional products.

Our Team

Our Body Lab Certified Coaches are specifically trained to fine tune their client’s metabolism with the goal of burning more fat which is based solely on the individual needs.

David Alleva

Coach & Founder

Owner and founder, David Alleva MLT, created The Body Lab LLC where he applied his knowledge of Medical Laboratory Science, Nutrition, Metabolism and Personal Training to discover why some individuals are able to achieve an ideal weight and body composition better and/or faster than others. He specializes in helping clients effectively nourish and care for their bodies, improve body composition, and reduce inflammation. The Body Lab uses the Resting Metabolic and VO to Max assessmet (the gold standard test for peak athletic performance) to measure and effectively train clients and/or athletes to obtain their peak physical condition and maximum athletic performance.

Beth M

I had good initial success on my nutrition plan but I eventually hit a plateau. After using The Body Lab services in combination with their essential oils I was losing 3-5 lbs. a week! The Body Lab gave me the tools I need to keep track of my own macro-nutrient requirements so I can sustain my weight loss and increase my overall energy and performance. I'm an entirely different person now. Moving is easier, my inflammation levels are better, and I have more energy!

David Rojas

I can proudly say that after 3 months of working with The Body Lab using their coaching program and oil I now weigh 167 lbs. and have an all time low body fat percentage of 9%! I truly did not think this was possible at my age. Not only did David change my life, he also changed my wife's life who lost 40 lbs. of fat in the same time period as me.


After working with David at The Body Lab he introduced me to the Liquid Gold his essential oil and along with his in studio VO2 training I was able to gain 12 pounds of lean muscle in 16 weeks! Not only did I gain lean muscle, but I increased my speed, quickness, and endurance. I noticed with daily use of the oil in my diet I was able to maintain my results and keep up the energy needed for me to perform on an athletic level.

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  • $ 9.99/Month
  • Full features of the app
  • Daily monitoring and Tips
  • Group coaching
  • Email and chat support



  • $ 169/Month
  • Monitoring plus
  • One on one Coaching 1x per week
  • Premium app features
  • Text support



  • $ 249/Month
  • Basic Plus
  • One on one Coaching 2x per week
  • Text support
  • Instudio testing (Where available)


Frequently asked questions

Everyone! People that have tried other programs and failed. The person that has struggled to lose that last 10 lbs. People that are on weight loss plateaus. Body builders looking to dial in their macros.
No. this application can be used to successfully gain lean muscle. Or to maintain a healthy body weight and composition.
Most people notice results their first week!
No. You can use any diet or your favorite foods. It is not designed to be restrictive in that sense. The focus is on the type of calories you consume (Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats) that your body will respond best to. Everyone is different.

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The BodyLab App provides core features to keep up your body fit and healthy. It will record and analyze your daily activities and habits to help maintain successful diet and lead healthy lifestyle.